How we work

The steps of our process

Step 1 – Contacting us.

After you contact us, we will set up a get-acquainted meeting. In preparation for our meeting, you ask you to complete the Confidential Questionnaire and the Cash flow worksheet that is available on the Resource page of our website.  (We can also email you a copy or send a paper copy through the post).

The purpose of the forms is to help us to gain a better understanding of your situation and be the basis for our follow-up meeting.

Step 2 – Get Acquainted Meeting

This meeting will be an opportunity for us to become acquainted with one another and to see if we are a good fit for each other. We will use your information confidential questionnaire as a guide for our conversation. The primary purpose is to explore your current financial situation and to see how TVFP can help with any areas you are looking for advice. 

This is also your opportunity to learn about us as well, as it is important you are comfortable engaging us. We invite you to ask any questions you have so you can learn about us, our services and what we have to offer you.

After we decide on the extent of services, TVFP will send you a formal proposal for the services, including a detailed description of the work and the estimate of the time and cost. If you choose to proceed, we will complete a client-services agreement and get to work.


Step 3 – Data Gathering and Initial Preparation.

Because everyone’s situation is unique, it is important we fully understand your financial situation. Thus, depending on the services you selected, we may ask you to provide more detailed documentation about your financial situation. 

Step 4 – Clarification step

As we proceed through the analysis of your plan, it is likely the questions and issues will come up. We will likely have several conversations, preferably via email, to clarify answers and discuss options. In some cases, a second meeting may be necessary to review interim findings and details.

If applicable, this step will include definition and approval of 'what if' scenarios.

Step 5 – Analysis and Plan Generation.

In this step, the firm refines the information you have provided and studies various plan scenarios. The outcome of our research and analysis is a personalized report. This  report includes observations, assumptions, specific recommendations, and  an action plan that is unique to your situation.

Step 6 – Presentation of Your Financial Plan.

Together, we will walk through your plan and explain all its aspects and recommendations. Because this is your blueprint for achieving your financial goals, we encourage questions and dialog. The goal is for you to understand our recommendations and analysis fully. This meeting is typically in 4 to 6 weeks after TVFP initiates work on your plan. The balance of the fees for the plan preparation is due at this time.

Step 7 – Plan implementation and follow up 

You are responsible for implementing your plan. If you have follow-up questions, the agreement includes one-hour of no-charge time to provide answers to these questions. 

If you have a change in circumstances that may affect the plan, we encourage to contact us to discuss the matter. If it requires more then complimentary one-hour follow-up, it will be charged as time spent. 


We also suggest you follow up with us a year after our engagement to review and update your plan. Our goal is to grow long-term relationships with our clients so that we may build on the planning work we’ve started. We hope that you will retain us for your ongoing planning and investment advice needs.