What is financial planning?

Financial planning is a process that helps you answer the following questions:

  1. Where you are financially today? 
  2. Where you want to go? 
  3. How are we going to get there?

Click here to see in more details of our services and here to see the steps we do to put together a plan.

Are you a fiduciary? What does that mean?

Yes, I will provide a signed fiduciary oath as the first step.

A fiduciary  is someone who is committed to the following principals:

- Always puts the client’s interests first 

- Always act with prudence,  skill, care diligence, and good judgement of a professional. 

- Does not mislead clients and provides full and fair disclosure of all important facts.  

- Avoids and discloses conflicts of interest

Do I have to have a lot of money to work with you?

No - I can help you with advice and planning. I can help  you no matter where you are on your financial path. However, if your  budget for financial planning services is very limited, we may only be  able to address your highest priorities. Let’s talk to prioritize your  questions and see what makes sense for us to address on a limited  engagement. No - We can help you with advice and planning, no matter where you are on your financial path. If your budget for financial planning services is limited, we may only be able to work on your highest priorities. We can talk about prioritizing your questions and see what makes sense for us to address on a limited engagement. 

How much does it cost?

Because we only work on an hourly or project basis, the cost can range from limited discussion to a full, comprehensive plan. See here for details on our fees

Do you sell any products? What if I need insurance?

We do not sell any product. However, if you do need insurance or other products, we can recommend vendors who follow a similar philosophy of serving the client interests first. We do not receive any commissions or fees from any vendor or referral. 

Do you manage money? Do I have to give you my money to invest?

No. I do not take custody of your funds or have any control over them. You are always in control of your accounts, and they remain in your name. If you engage me to help with your investment portfolio, I will provide specific recommendations and instructions on how to manage your own money. You are responsible for implementing the plan.

If you recommend products in my financial plan, do I have to purchase them?

No! We do not sell any product and do not receive any commissions. Any recommendations are based on what is best for your needs and goals. As a Registered Investment Adviser of the Steve of Oregon, we take our fiduciary role seriously. 

I'm a do-it-yourself investor. How can you help?

There are many pieces of your financial life and investing is just one aspect. We can help with your other areas and work with your investment strategy. See the details of our services here. We can also provide a second opinion on your investments.